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Discover, cook and share the tastiest curries youll ever prepare. Cook authentic Indian curry with minimum effort and leave your guests amazed, each and every time. Buzzing taste buds guaranteed! Aussie Bush Cook Ranger Nick has perfected and simplified the cooking methods, whilst preserving the authentic and rich flavour sensations of Indian cuisine, with the help of his spice and recipe kits. A culinary journey suitable for the majority of your guests. With ridiculously easy cooking methods, youll learn how to cook restaurant quality curries like a Guru, offering a fragrant and delicious culinary experience to remember. If you are an Indian Food Lover, you will appreciate the rich and creamy flavours of some classical and unusual dishes. Ranger Nick inspires anyone to take up home cooking of his selected favourite Indian curries. Adapting the cooking methods to a one-pot, hassle free meal, he minimises the clean-up and redefines the meaning of easy cooking. No bling, no fuss and no compromise in flavour! Ranger Nick encourages home-style cooking of Indian curries in any environment. No jars, no sauces, just fresh ingredients to please your palate.
Discover, cook and share the tastiest curries youll ever prepare. Buzzing taste buds guaranteed!
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